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igor impersky(De^min)

Россия, Москва
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Web-3 Semantecs. p2

Imperski - Web-3 Sematecs Part 2. The functions of Logical (search mashine)

Before speaking on principles of the possible solution let^s observe those demanded (& available)functions for I believe if there is no (social, ghnostical) necessity in it what for to waste energy, money all efforts dublicating the already existing systems namely mostly google giving rather effective desicion making in many cases.

1/Professional interpreter.Now in case of globalization & internationalization the interpreter becomes a weak link of the chain in mod.communications.Most electronic devices I met are rather primitive & not only giving most common sence (as if a priest in own^s words interpreting the Book)but oftenly give the opposite meaning not catching the sence.It mostly responds to so to say higher functions of human spiritual activity as poems, jokes but as well may be spread to spheres of Administrating where double sence, non-direct guidance are a rull.To approve my statesment- just use auto-interpreter several times e.g.-Russian-English-Russian. You have quite different texts (as Russian & English Bible though Greece original is the same).As a joke once I suggested one good friend of mine to buy for nothing World War 2 Enigma- for exact Shakespare interpreting into Russian (good money earning). But the problem is much broader (though at this level much may be improved)- communicator-interpreter of all-soft inner communicator, posiible to covertate all sorts of multifield interdisciplinar knowledge one into all. It^s the same class of demands- say there is a nuclear Physics book I must envalue for some own^s reasons at the available level.But the task do not limitate the tool to ratio-verbal level only, it may be graphics ets.

2.Evaluator.Most verbal engines give us mostly shadow (echo, rumour)of info. But really we need some quantificator possible to compare different vectors, Data Base Massives on different scales, vizualizations, possible & non-possible feedbacks.Say there is Forex (a unity of rather at will indicators) God knows how (inter) connected & whose physical essence is not known even to most (all?) prominent scholars.

3.Inner motivator- the system must work effectively with dif.leibels (brands).This sphere is rather irrational, but I believe has rational solutions.E.g.many terms, disciplines, fields ot study in Russian & Western scholars are quite different & the operational system is eager to inerprete correctly those emblematics.There are also subjective meanings & must be approved system of objectivation.

4.Sinergy-breaker.Today the most prob is not lack of info but rather it^s surplus (mostly echo), the evident need is modelling of sufficient limitations, when it^s evident the result is achieved & no extra info is demanded.

I would not give there all (12 or 20)classes of new demands truely not available in the framework of the existing scholar methods (aproaches) but You truely possible to give Your own fantazy.But at some higher level those encircled engines (be it one or different, one mainstream approach or a couple of nonunified) those give a new quality- be it debth, artificial context (non existing in object itself), logical mashine, Web-3 Semantex

Источник: gidepark.ru
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