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Рейтинг \"самых крутых перцев\" Британии по версии журнала Zoo. Ноэль Галлахер из Oasis - самый крутой

Рейтинг \"самых крутых перцев\" Британии по версии журнала Zoo. Ноэль Галлахер из Oasis - самый крутой
Британский журнал Zoo опубликовал рейтинг "самых крутых перцев" Туманного Альбиона, который возглавил один из лидеров группы Oasis гитарист и автор большинства песен коллектива Ноэль Галлахер. Исполнитель главной роли в фильме "Казино Рояль" Дэниел Крэйг, по мнению британской молодежи, не настолько "крут" – актер занял четвертое место.

На пятом месте рейтинга Zoo – футболист Дэвид Бекхэм (David Beckham), следующим за ним находится гонщик "Формулы-1" Льюис Гэмильтон (Lewis Hamilton). В первую десятку также попали два британских комедийных актера – Саймон Пегг (Simon Pegg), известный по одной из главных ролей в фильме "Типа крутые легавые" и Рикки Джервис (Ricky Gervais), сообщает Dotmusic.

Фронтмен популярной группы Arctic Monkeys Алекс Тернер (Alex Turner) занял в рейтинге 10 место. В двадцатку также вошли боксер Рикки Хаттон (Ricky Hatton), защитник "Челси" Джон Терри (John Terry) и ведущий программы Top Gear Джереми Кларксон (Jeremy Clarkson).

Брат Ноэля Галлахера (Noel Gallagher) Лайам Галлахер (Liam Gallagher) смог достичь лишь 22 позиции среди "самых крутых парней" Британии.

По мнению главного редактора журнала Zoo, рейтинг этого года полон сюрпризов, в том числе Бен Тодд отметил лидерство Ноэля Галлахера из Oasis. "Молодые люди выбрали "самым крутым" именного его – значит на людей подобного склада молодежь желает походить", - считает редактор журнала.

Принц Гарри занял в рейтинге скромное 37 место, его брат, Уильям, в список и вовсе не вошел. Стоит отметить, что среди "самых крутых" нашлось место и "старичкам" – Полу МакКартни (Paul McCartney) (55 место) и Мику Джаггеру (Mick Jagger), занявшему 73 позицию.

We recently asked you, the esteemed ZOO readers, to pick your top bloke of 2007. You voted in your droves and, after spending hours in dark rooms counting up the ballots, we can reveal the results. Meet ZOO's 100 Coolest Blokes...


1. Noel Gallagher

Whether you believe he’s a song-writing genius, or a Beatles-lite plagiarist, there's no doubt that Noel Gallagher was one of swinging nuts in the swagger of what was "cool Britannia".


Manages to keep a lid on his flash-fire temperament, in public at least, (unlike his tinderbox brother) and penned some of the greatest anthems of the last two decades.


From humble beginnings, lugging gear for the Inspiral Carpets, to worldwide tours and millions in the bank, the boy from the streets of Burnage takes no prisoners and doesn’t care who he offends.


In fact, he could well be the last of the truly soundbite-worthy musicians. And that’s why, despite his millions, he’s one of us. Nice one, top one, Noel.


2. Steven Gerrard
Local boy that went from kicking a ball about in his estate to carrying his local team to European and FA Cup glory – dragging them to victory from behind on both occasions. The Scouse legend has been in the form of his life his whole career and even makes the clichés add up: heart on sleeve, box-to-box, the engine… "aaargh you beauty!"

3. David Tennant
Mention his name and you can talk about Daleks without sounding like a nerd. The Scottish actor was voted 'Best Doctor' by Doctor Who Magazine readers and, to balance the anorak appreciation, he gets to share the Tardis with hotties like Billie Piper and Freema Agyeman. Then he goes home and shares his bed with Sophia Myles.

4. Daniel Craig
It’s not hard being cool when you’re James Bond but when you’re blonde, and everyone, their uncle, and the evil baddies are against you, then it becomes a tad more difficult to keep your composure. Craig restyled the super agent to much acclaim and made MI6 look harder than the SAS.

5. David Beckham
Proved you can’t keep a good man down and forced the bosses into eating their words. Still got the sweetest right foot in the business and England still can’t do anything without him. Acquired a La Liga medal and £25m-a-year to move to Hollywood and start calling football "soccer".

6. Lewis Hamilton

A British sportsman that finally delivers. The young prodigy has even had the tenacity to take on his own partner – and he’s a two time world champion. With megastars like Pharell Williams trying to be his friend you’d think he’d get a bit arsey but no, his feet are firmly planted to the ground and his bum’s quite close too.

7. Simon Pegg
Responsible for some of the funniest British movies of late. And gave us the bobby we’d rather see patrolling our high streets and rounding up our hoodies than rent-a-cop community support officers.

8. Ricky Gervais
The poster boy of British comedy. Answered recent critics of his work with "Yes I am resting on my laurels you c*nt!" And he can after creating one of our biggest exports since Only Fools & Horses and guest starring in, as well as co-writing, the highest-rated Simpsons episode in Sky One’s history.

9. Joe Calzaghe
The "pride of Wales" is the longest-serving boxing champ in any weight class - and now undisputed - so he's probably got more boxing belts than actual designer ones. He's beaten up everybody they've put in front of him... Who'd want to tell him he's not cool enough?

10. Alex Turner

As lead singer/songwriter of Arctic Monkeys, the boy’s gone from getting his songs heard on Myspace to releasing the fastest-selling debut album in British music. He's made such an impact that Gordon Brown even pretended to be a fan.

11. Sacha Baron Cohen
Made the 'mankini' the must have bloke swimsuit and a racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, crazy Kazakh, the funniest man in cinema. And even got lauded for it. On top of that, he made millions and had residents of a Romanian village trying to sue him.

12. Jeremy Clarkson
Labelled a "hero of political incorrectness", Clarkson has offended everyone from green protestors to Germans so he’s automatically a member of the cool fraternity. However, on merit, he does all this while talking about cars which is no-mean-feat. Who else could come up with "Lycra Nazis" as a byword for cyclists?

13. Ricky Hatton
Apart from having the meanest left hook in the country he insists on eating a full English before his fights, lets himself balloon in weight when not in training and is in the pub with a beer in hand and bad shirt on back after bouts. So he’s basically your average Mancunian but with a couple of World Championship belts.


14. John Terry
Hard as nails, no nonsense, England captain. It’s as if they cloned Terry Butcher but this time round made him better looking.

15. Jimmy Carr
Deadpan stand-up turned TV funnyman, Carr's gaggery can be brillianty close to the bone and his ability to cut any celebrity dead in seconds is a talent to marvel at. Imagine putting the power of that razor sharp wit to good use at the office Christmas party!

16. Gordon Ramsay

The gourmet chef has a fouler mouth than an Old Firm derby, and has used it to reduce both students and celebrities to tears while producing great telly. One of only three chefs in the UK with a three Michelin star restaurant, his tirades have been blamed for turning young Scots away from catering courses – which probably explains the lack of competition.

17. Peter Kay

Everyone's favourite roly-poly gag merchant, the Bolton-born comedian has done record-breaking stand up tours enjoyed by everyone alike, as well as written and starred in one of the best sitcoms of recent times, Phoenix Nights. We know how brilliant comedy is so it's no surprise Kay is up in the top 20.


18. Ray Winstone
Hard man actor and star of top gangster flick Sexy Beast put himself at the cutting edge of film by getting in on the act with CGI 3D epic Beowulf. When he's not playing the tough man on screen he can also be found kicking about in LA with Vinny Jones and celeb pals.


19. Jonny Wilkinson
The golden boy of English rugby, placid Jonny continues to carry the hopes of the nation on his shoulders without even breaking a sweat. Even when he's bad he's good. Above all else he gave every one of us something to hold over the Aussie's until our dying days.

20. Lee Evans

The greatest exponent of slapstick comedy, the sweat-dripping funnyman broke the world record for a solo act performing to the biggest comedy audience in 2005, playing to 10,108 at the MEN Arena. Set to break it again next year when he plays to up to 20,000 at London's O2 Arena. Enormously popular comedic legend: cool.


THE REST: FROM 21 - 100

21. Russell Brand
22. Liam Gallagher
23. Chris Moyles
24. Danny Dyer
25. Andy Goldstein
26. David Mitchell
27. Kevin Pieterson
28. Justin Lee Collins
29. Derren Brown
30. Sean Bean
31. Richard Hammond
32. Jamie Carragher
33. Freddie Flintoff
34. Noel Fielding
35. Jason Statham
36. Jimmy Carr
37. Prince Harry
38. Jenson Button
39. Gazza
40. Robert Webb
41. Carl Barat
42. Nick Frost
43. Frank Lampard
44. Andy Murray
45. Pete Doherty
46. Jonathan Ross
47. Jeremy Kyle
48. Richard Branson
49. Alan Shearer
50. Joe Cole
51. John Simm
52. Morrisey
53. Alan Carr
54. Rio Ferdinand
55. Paul McCartney
56. Andy Gray
57. Robbie Williams
58. Mike Reid
59. Stephen Fry
60. Adrian Chiles
61. God
62. James May
63. Aidy Boothroyd
64. Ricky Wilson
65. Billy Connolly
66. Jay Kay
67. Ian Wright
68. Ally McCoist
69. Johnny Vegas
70. Paul Weller
71. John Cleese
72. David Walliams
73. Mick Jagger
74. Philip Gleniston
75. Frank Skinner
76. Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor
77. David Haye
78. Ray Mears
79. Dermot O’Leary
80. Sir Alex Ferguson
81. Sam Allardyce
82. Wayne Rooney
83. Matt Lucas
84. Hugh Laurie
85. Monty Panesar
86. Vernon Kay
87. Bono
88. Ewan McGregor
89. Noel Edmonds
90. Al Murray
91. Mike Skinner
92. Alan Sugar
93. Simon Amstell
94. Amir Kahn
95. Jeff Stelling
96. Mark Ronson
97. Boris Johnson
98. Simon Cowell
99. Chris Ryan
100. Andy McNab


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